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Flat earth proofs:

1. Concentric time lapse star trails. If earth was rotating AND moving around sun, time lapse star trails would be different and not circles.

2. North Star visible from “southern” (really outer) hemisphere. If earth were a ball, the fat equator would block the view for anyone in the “bottom” half.

3. Despite smog, fog, haze, many objects are visible from great distances. This would be impossible due to curvature on a ball earth. Telescopic lens pictures show objects from great distances that should not be visible if the earth were a ball.

4. Airlines fly in a straight line, routes from Australia to South America are not per a ball model, but use the flat earth map. Also, many emergency rescues were per the flat earth map routes and not per a ball model.

5. If the so called Coriolis effect were true, and the earth was spinning, all your flight times would be much shorter or longer depending on if you were traveling with the spin or against it, but instead, both eastbound and westbound flights are about the same, proving no Coriolis effect. If earth were rotating, northward or southward flight paths would be different for airlines to account for rotation

6. Sunbeam angles prove a small near sun.

7. Bright spots from sun on oceans also prove a small near sun.

8. 24 hour daylight during summer on North Pole, but no days near as long as that on “south pole” (really outer ice ring), proving no ball earth. And many so called “south Pole” government vids were caught faking sunlight hours. Is this why the outer ring is off limits?

9. Temperatures in North not as cold as temperatures in “South” (really outer ice ring), proving a flat earth model and disproving ball theory, where they would be the same.

10. Width of Outer ice ring impossible to chart, as proven by many explorers as compared to North Pole. In the outer ice ring, it gets colder and darker and no one has been able to explore to the edge. Maybe that is why the outer ice ring is "off limits" and people have to sign a secret nondisclosure agreement if they have to work there.

11. High altitude cameras reveal a flat horizon in all directions. Also, Cross country and cross continent flights reveal a flat horizon in all directions.

12. Globe believers say crescent moon caused by the shadow of the earth, if they ever went outside and looked, they can see the sun and the moon in the same horizon, making it impossible for earth to cast a shadow on the moon, so rethink your astronomy.

13. The moon is a translucent disc, why can you see stars through it when it is not full? This pretty much explodes NASA lies and the moon landing lies, go outside and watch the moon and see the stars you are not supposed to be able to see if the moon were a solid ball.

14. The NASA vids and pics have been exposed as fakes in so many ways and in many forums, books, videos, etc. Former NASA employee have even blown the whistle on their lies, are globe believers not aware of all that? NASA is stealing billions of dollars each year on this fraud, which is a good motive for them to keep lying.

15. The paid trolls for NASA use ad hominem arguments against Flat Earthers instead of facts or evidence. And they have no problems telling outright lies, which has destroyed their credibility.

16. Holy Scripture reveals it to be so.

17. Lastly, use your own brain and sense of motion. Do you feel you are spinning on a ball at 1000 MPH? No, you are on a motionless piece of land that has a flat horizon in all directions.


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